SS3 Beijing Backstage Report (translated from Baidu)


This is a BACKSTAGE fan account I chanced upon and I think it gives a different perspective on Super Show since most fan accounts we see are about the concert itself. This is an experience most of us can only dream about right? Haha! This E.L.F, along with 2 other fans, were lucky enough to see Super Junior backstage during SS3 Beijing. They did not watch the concert because they were backstage the entire time.

SS3 Beijing Backstage Report (translated from Baidu)
“Because the time that the SJ members have backstage to prepare is really short, they’ll strip the moment they’re down from the stage, and they’ll be pulling at their pants while running to the dressing rooms.”

This lady (a Sungmin fan) managed to get backstage and observe the group. There are like, 500 posts in that thread and her postings are staggered, so I went through the entire thread and picked out her posts to translate. I didn’t leave out anything except her own words to the guys and little musings here and there, and many many repeated explanations about how she got backstage and how tight the security was, what they were wearing, where their cameras were, etc.

So anyway, this girl went to the Qingdao concert and enjoyed it a lot. Luckily for her, her company sent her to Beijing at the time of the Suju concert there. All the tickets online were already sold out, so she was hoping to get one from scalpers, but one thing and then another cropped up and in the end she couldn’t get a ticket. Just when she was preparing to go back to her hotel, her boss called her. Apparently he knew that she was a fan, and his own daughter is a fan too, and he had some connections to bring his daughter backstage. He said that if she hadn’t gone into the arena yet, would she like to go backstage with his daughter? And of course no fan in their right mind would refuse such an offer and so she took it up.

She describes a lot about the security and how they managed to get in and I can’t be bothered to read the chunk so I’m skipping straight to her report…

As she walked in, she saw a lot of people running about and heard the fans’ screaming.

Then in front of them Kyuhyun appeared. Another girl with them, the daughter’s friend who’s a Kyuhyun fan, ran forward and grabbed his hands and said a big bunch of Korean to him. Kyuhyun smiled and answered. When she asked the Kyu fan what’s going on, the Kyu fan said that she was asking if he was tired or not. Then the girl also ran forward to hold Kyu’s left hand, and kept saying “KyuMin KyuMin” (she’s a KyuMin fan, haha). Kyuhyun didn’t get angry, he just kept smiling and looking at them, and they said some stuff before a staff member came up and pushed them away quite roughly. One of them hit a wall, and Kyuhyun wasn’t happy at all about it. The staff member said Korean stuff to them and apparently he was scolding them. Then Kyuhyun smiled at them again and left.

The staff member talked into his walkie talkie and then another staff appeared and questioned them about how they managed to get in. To cut a long story short, they were told that they could watch, but could not go up to the guys to say hi to them or anything. At the end of the concert they would be allowed to go and greet them. So they were brought into an empty dressing room in a corridor and told to wait there until the concert ended. Their cameras were also taken away. They were told that if they left the room, they would have to leave the backstage entirely (so basically, they stuck there).

So they stayed in the room and watched from there, saw them running up and down backstage, but she says that that day she must have nosebled a lot. Because the time that the SJ members have backstage to prepare is really short, they’ll strip the moment they’re down from the stage, and they’ll be pulling at their pants while running to the dressing rooms. She thinks this is the reason why the staff didn’t allow them to have their cameras with them!

When Eeteuk saw them, he stopped to say hi to them, and whenever he passed by them he would smile at them. Apparently nobody else did that so she was really happy with him :)

[From here on, people are asking her questions and she’s answering]

Question: Did you see everything!? (referring to the pants haha)

She didn’t see the vital parts, only saw them pulling at their zips while running. (and everyone on baidu breathes a sigh of relief like: omg yes you didn’t see my favourite’s ahems, hahaha)
She doesn’t know if Siwon was sweating a lot or if he’d applied some high powered oil to his body because he was literally ~shining~ and when he was running along the corridor the light would reflect on him, lmao. She also says that there’s nothing to say about his body (too perfect probably).

At the end of the concert, the staff told them that they could only greet one member each because time was tight. The Kyuhyun fan was brought to Kyuhyun and the girl, with another one, was brought into a room where Sungmin, Heechul, and Ryeowook were. She walked up to Sungmin. A staff member nearby said that she was a fan, and Sungmin held out his hands to her and smiled really sunnily. She was kind of dazed so she held his hands and stared at him and couldn’t think of anything to say, and later on her friend scolded her saying that she could at least have said something but at that time she really didn’t say anything. Sungmin just looked back at her and smiled happily and after about ten seconds she released his hands because she didn’t want him to be embarrassed.

The other girl started crying when she saw Heechul. Heechul quite gently helped her wipe her tears away and then hugged her. The Sungmin fan also wanted to hug him, but the staff member kept staring at them. Actually he didn’t want Heechul to hug the girl either, but Heechul couldn’t care less!

Question: Did you see Donghae?

Yes, she saw him, and saw him really clearly, backstage he was chasing and running after Eunhyuk, he was really bursting with energy!

Questions: More on Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Heechul please.

She saw Eunhyuk, every time he came down from the stage he’d be drenched in sweat, really made her quite sadface, but he was always smiling!

Kyuhyun looks better in person, aside from his pimpled skin there isn’t anything else about his looks that is lacking!

Heechul is very good-looking with delicate features. Backstage, he’s really very good to fans, very attentive.

Then she grumbles a little about how the staff were really strict and kept a stern eye on them so much so that they felt like thieves, haha.

Questions: More details about the members and their behaviour backstage.

Firstly, the guys’ make-up was really heavy, facial powder was also very heavy, but even so the thick make-up couldn’t cover their dark eye circles.

Even though Eeteuk seemed really tired, whenever he went past them he would smile warmly at them, so she thanked him.

She doesn’t know if Heechul is quiet or not backstage, when she went into the room he was abusing Sungmin (or at least, doing something to Sungmin). His skin is really good.

Yesung really doesn’t have much to say, he would be putting on his shoes while walking/jumping, but she doesn’t know if he was in a bad mood or whatever, backstage he didn’t smile at all, perhaps he was really tired.

She didn’t notice much about Shindong, but not because she didn’t want to but that her eyes were too busy looking everywhere, but he’s not as plump irl as he is on TV (and I attest to this! Shindong looks really good and healthy in person).

Sungmin seemed to have put on a little weight since the Qingdao concert. Backstage he was walking in a very manly manner (whatever this means…), and when he took off his clothes he was really manly and handsome (rofl her bias), underneath his clothes was a tank top. She was looking for the tattoo, but couldn’t see it.

Question: Did Kyuhyun hear the ‘KyuMin’ that she said?

She thinks so, because she said it many many times.

She continued on with the member observations…

She thinks that Eunhyuk’s playing around with Donghae has practically become natural because while you’d have thought he’d be tired out after the concert, backstage he and Donghae were still running around madly together, but whenever he came down from the stage he’d be really sweaty. And she mentions that Hyuk’s eyes are that of an evildoer/prankster (whatever, idk!).

She goes, Donghae, are you tired? But he was really energetic, she hopes he can be like this always, chasing Eunhyuk around playing around with him and generally causing a ruckus. But his make-up was very very heavy, perhaps to cover his pimples.

Siwon – while the other members had tanktops underneath their clothes, Siwon did not, he was basically bare-bodied and he would strip backstage so… bahaha I’m just amused.

Sungmin’s hair was all dampened. Heechul was laughing at him, and even wanted to take a picture of him. Sungmin blocked him and Ryeowook was laughing at the side.

Ryeowook is really, really skinny. When Siwon caught hold of him she felt that Ryeowook looked really small in Siwon’s arms (hahaha!), and inside the dressing room he was very quiet, just looked at the others and smiled sweetly. When Heechul abused Sungmin he didn’t bother doing anything about it. But when she was going out, she managed to catch his eye and he gave her a really nice smile :)

Kyuhyun is very serious backstage. Unlike the others, he didn’t take off his clothes in the corridor, but walked to the dressing room to change. But once he had one shoe on and was putting on the other while walking. She also felt that his ear seemed very uncomfortable, because the first thing he’d do when he got down from the stage was to take out his earpiece. Then she rambles on a little about how thankful she is to him for having been so nice to her and the rest when they first came up to him and talked to him.

Question: Please talk about Hyukjae!

Hyukjae is like Siwon, once he got down from the stage he’d strip. In the beginning of the concert he wore a tank top underneath, but after that he got rid of it (and continued stripping, gdi). Backstage he was always with Donghae, the two of them were like magnets, couldn’t be separated!

Question: Did Donghae seem unhappy?

She doesn’t think so, if he wasn’t running around with Hyuk he would be walking very seriously with Hyuk back to the dressing room. When they came out he was laughing away, she really didn’t think he was unhappy or anything at all!

Also, she doesn’t know which song it was that ended, but during their changing-clothes time backstage, Donghae took off Hyuk’s pants, but since Hyuk was still in the corridor, he pushed Donghae to one side and ran off (oh god these two).

Question: Did KyuMin interact with each other?

They would play around/tease with the other members but they wouldn’t with each other. She thinks that they might have been having problems, because they didn’t seem very at ease with each other as compared to Qingdao.

Question: Was there any HyukMin?

The minute Hyuk got down from the stage, Donghae would grab hold of him, hehe. (in other words, no.)

Question: I want to know too if there was any KyuWook.

There wasn’t any KyuWook, but there was quite a lot of MinWook. There was only one moment, right after the concert ended, when Kyuhyun snatched a towel from Ryeowook, after that there wasn’t anything else.

She says Heechul isn’t very skinny, but whether or not he was fragrant she doesn’t know (haha this girl is actually kind of funny).

Question: Please talk a little about Ryeowook. (also mentions something about him being skinny)

Ryeowook was very quiet, backstage he was also very quiet. She thinks he cried, but doesn’t know what might have happened on stage because in their room they had no idea of what was going on and couldn’t hear music either. At that time Sungmin went over to hug and comfort him. But yes he was so skinny that it pained her heart.

Question: About their skins.

Their skins in general were not bad, Heechul’s skin was white and milky, Teuk had some blemishes, she thinks it might be from stress or late nights, but his skin was still very good. Yesung and Sungmin’s skins were good, she didn’t notice much of Hyuk or Ryeowook’s skins, but she thinks they were okay too. She was too fixated on their eyes, both Hyuk and Ryeowook’s gazes were really explosive/magnetic? (she says ‘大爆发’, idk how else to translate it). The only ones with not-okay skin were Kyuhyun, Donghae and Shindong, and their pimples were the type that can’t be concealed with make-up. Then she goes on to say that she wishes they wouldn’t put on such thick make-up, after all we wouldn’t dislike them because of their pimples.

Question: Please please please talk about MinWook x3! (kind of tactless seeing how the OP is a KyuMin fan but she was really nice and answered all the pairing questions)

MinWook were in the same dressing room. When Ryeowook came down from stage once, he was really down-spirited. Sungmin walked up quickly to him and put his hand on Ryeowook’s shoulder, and they walked with Sungmin’s arm around him. Ryeowook didn’t even move his head as though he already knew that it would be Sungmin coming up to him, she doesn’t know how to describe that kind of tacit understanding (yes I dictionaried this word because I couldn’t think of how to express it in English). When she and the other girl went into their dressing room, Heechul was teasing Sungmin, but Ryeowook just sat there watching them quietly. He did smile very warmly though.

Then she goes on to flail a little over Siwon’s fantastic body but she’s still puzzled about why he shone so brightly. Bahaha.

I think someone was unhappy with what she said about KyuMin, because she got a bit defensive and was like, I’m only writing what I saw. There was really something odd about KyuMin, they didn’t interact much backstage. The two times that they caught each other’s eye, they just turned their heads and walked off. They were very cheerful with the others, but they wouldn’t look at each other and she found it really strange, thinks that they might have quarreled?

Teuk was really nice to them, and initially he would strip too (he didn’t have anything underneath), but once he caught sight of them he stopped stripping. (okay, so basically only Siwon and Hyuk are that shameless)


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