Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary messages to ELF on Official Site


So lovely and good appreciated.

ELF!! Super Junior’s already 6 years old.

SJ&ELF let’s write more new history in the future!

                                                – Lee Teuk –

                                                 I   love   you


To.. E.L.F. ♥

Our 6th Anniversary~♥

In the future..Let’s love more!

                             Super Junior

                                Yesung ♥


Congratz!! Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary!!

To. ELF…

            We have already been 6 years..

            I’m sorry always… now my appearance is relaxed.. 

            I’m so ashamed..  but thank you for believe me till the end.. 

            Nothing is harder than this, so don’t worry about it…

            Actually, I don’t say this often … I love you…

            I will also work hard, so let’s do everything together…

                                                                All …E.L.F. Let’s stay together~ 


To.. My beloved E.L.F.♥

           we loved each other for 6 years!!

we will also be like this in the future Muah~  >3<  I’m fill up with our E.L.F.  ♥


I love you :: This amazing people ♥


Awesome!! SUPER JUNIOR’s 6th Anniversary!!!

Who will stop us!! If they question who who who we are, tell them ^_^ We are the best SJ.

Do not forget that I love you !

Do not forget that I like you !

Do not forget that It’s only you !

WOW! 6th anniversary
If ELF doesn’t exist, also doesn’t have us.

Do not forget that Let’s us stay together in the future!! Do not cheat on me!!

Should we get married   ??


                                                        Super Junior – Donghae


Now all who are our partners are the best ♥

In the future, I believe that we will continue to walk together ☺


You have been together with us for 6 Years .. E.L.F.

I love you and I’m thankful ~ I’m really happy.

Let’s we keep going.


To. E.L.F. ♥

Super Jr. has already.. : and then what’s in the long run?

6 years were the time that we stayed with everyone ~♫

Of course, It was 5 years and half for me… hahaha~ Nevertheless I’m also SJ, so It was 6 years for me too ^_^

There were lots of pleasant memories and memories that I just want to erase but I think of~ there will only be happy memories in the future and I pray for it!

So, in the long time remaining don’t cheat on me! Let’s stay together! I love you E.L.F.^_^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 


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